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Our extensive CBS offers a wide variety of features and functions and is easily extendible. The following list gives a top level overview of what it is capable to do. Our whole platform is layed out for White-Label Banking and Business Process Outsourcing.



Depending on our customers circumstances and requirements we’re able to offer solutions of any size and type. Our platform and the organisation we’re designed in such a way, that we can meet any complexity. Please contact us to find out more.

White Label Banking and Business Process Outsourcing

With the combination of White-Label-Banking and Business Process Outsourcing our customers can outsource certain functions into our bank flatex Bank AG. This creates together with our software an unique offering which reduces the complexity at our customers and increase service quality by using the great know-how of our banking team. Please contact us to find out more.

Banks, FinTechs and Companies

A wide range of different organisations consisting of financial institutions, fintechs and companies profit from the continuous improvement of our software and services. By connecting to our platform we’re able to interconnect the different types of products and services of our customers to easily offer innovative products to your customers. Please contact us to find out more.